Top Secret Ebay tips ebook

 Secret Ebay Tips for serious cash profits!

It utterly makes the mind reel, when you fully grasp just how many
categories and sub-categories you could potentially list items for
sale. And this doesn't even factor in the time that flies by when you
start actively perusing categories of curious fascination...
However, when you boil it all down, there are only two types of offerings for sale:

➢ Tangible physical "stuff" or real-world, off-line services; such as a lamp, massage service, or automobile mechanic

➢ Non-tangible any service or goods that can be completely fulfilled via computer; such as e-books, mp3's, Web hosting, etc.

The primary focus of this Special Folio is the latter of the two types of offerings. However, once you fully assimilate these Timeless Principles, you mind will be racing with non-tangible applications, as well.

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